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A Dark Room save management

ADR now supports pain-free save management! Import/Export your savegames with the new “save” menu in the bottom right. Email your saves to yourself, you friends, or just post them online for people to steal!

Thanks to all the GitHub contributers who continue to make these improvements possible.

A Dark Room v1.3 is Live!

I finally got around to testing and publishing the very first build containing code from all you awesome GitHub contributors. I had pretty much nothing to do with all the improvements that have gone in. Thanks so much everyone!

Among other things, the release includes:

  • Stores view now persists on the other tabs
  • Medicine, poison, and a few new encounters
  • Touch controls for the Dusty Path

Thank you

So here I am, watching in rapt astonishment as my page hits go through the roof.

Thanks to my playtesters and early players who suffered through bugs and imbalances to help make this thing a reality, and thanks to everyone who shared A Dark Room with their friends. Without all of you, I wouldn’t be pushing this humble EC2 server to its limits.

If any of you folks are ever in Ottawa, drop me a line and we’ll go drink some beers.