A Dark Room goes global!

Thanks to open-source contributers vanadar and lilj, ADR is now available in French and Chinese! The groundwork has also been laid for other translations in the future. Want ADR in your native tongue? I do too! Instructions can be found here.

6 thoughts on “A Dark Room goes global!

  1. kelticpete

    tell me how I can play game without making people FUCKING SLAVES, and I will play it. I deleted my game and the app. I don’t want to feel like shit for pushing my villagers too hard.

    1. Michael Post author

      Slaves are not part of the narrative of the web version of ADR, so you can happily play that one! I can’t promise that it won’t make you feel bad, though…

      It is possible to complete the iOS version without slaves, but it is significantly more difficult: Just never build any huts.

  2. Lua Developer

    Hello DS Games! I was hoping I’d be allowed to port this game into Lua! I want to import it into a mod for Minecraft called ComputerCraft. It adds computers that you can program with the Lua scripting code! I am taking this on to help increase my knowledge of Lua. I’d appreciate it if you emailed me concerning it. Thank you!

    1. Lua Developer

      Looking at the code, and not knowing any JS, I’ve come to find I’m not quite at the skill level yet. Thanks for an awesome game though!

  3. Ryan

    Hey, I really enjoyed this game and I want to see if I can somehow recreate something very similar to it. I don’t plan on releasing it, I just want a coding project to do for school. Is it possible to talk to a developer and kinda see how you guys went about making ADR?



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