A Dark Room Android entering private beta

Update: Unfortunately, due to some technical issues, ADR Android has to be put on hold for the near future. Sorry, everyone!

Want to play A Dark Room on your Android device? Can’t wait for the official release?

You’re in luck! The first half of the game (up to, but not including, the Dusty Path) is nearly complete, and we’re in need of some testers to help us verify device compatibility. We’ve been developing with a Samsung Galaxy S4 (on Kit Kat) and a Kindle Fire HDX (on Jelly Bean), and we’re looking for folks with other devices who can provide testing and feedback.

You can sign up for the beta right here! We should start sending out beta invites within a a few days.

35 thoughts on “A Dark Room Android entering private beta

  1. Giovanni Spagnoli

    When do you get the beta after you signed up? I really want this game and beta testing it on a device that hasn’t been used would help you guys out. But I really liked the computer game and I’m looking forward to the Android version. Keep up the good work.

  2. Haru

    Hi, I’m Haru. I’m one of A Dark Room fans in Japan. I want to support it by translating it into Japanese. One of my friends wants to play it, but unfortunately he knows little English… Anyways, contact me anytime if you’d like. Thanks!

  3. Giovanni Spagnoli

    Any idea on when the public beta games will be sent out or when the “technical issue” will be resolved. I’ve been waiting for this game for so long. But good job anyway.

  4. EthanHero1

    Hi! One totally unrelated question: Are you ever going to update the computer A Dark Room, I really want to play more, I beat it several times already and i want more, it’s to short. Anyways…. I do have an android tablet so i will put in my stuff for testing, ( i just need to look for what version i have and what model it is…) btw will it support keyboards? I have a keyboard for it. I can’t wait. You guys are awesome, I wanna see more…
    (also… I do know HTML and CSS, and i am learning JavaScript. Can I possibly, help out with the game (for computer and possibly android)? I know you’ll probably say no bacause I am only 12 but it’s worth a try :D)
    I also have glasses… you can’t reject a guy with glasses….
    one more thing… I make music. I play piano REALLY good. I can make music if you want it. A Dark Room needs music. This comment is starting to turn into a rant. better end it now.
    You know what? I may make this game in minecraft! (if i have time) Don’t worry, I’ll put a link to the game.

    Sorry if i bothered you with this crazy comment. Bye!

    1. Michael Post author

      The web version of ADR gets updated from time to time by the open-source community. I’m personally done with it for now, but who knows what’ll happen in the future. You can absolutely help out. Head over to GitHub and you can check out the code, make changes, and submit pull requests. If you’ve never used Git or GitHub before, now is the perfect time to learn! There are plenty of tutorials all over the internet that’ll help you get started.

  5. EthanHero1

    Ok, I may do that sometime. About the minecraft a dark room, I’ve been making lots o’ progress. I can’t believe nobody has done it before. If you have minecraft (which i hope you do) I’ll send you a link to download it 😀 if you want. It’s basicly a visual version of the game. currently, i am making the scoreboard system for resources. This is going to be a little different then the actual game. It’s hard to put in every single sentence that is in the real game.
    I will make the events (ex Nomad arrives, traps destroyed so and so on.) appear about every, what 3 mins.
    I don’t know how i should make the dusty path yet.
    I have made lots of progress today.

    1. Michael Post author

      Awesome! I actually don’t have Minecraft, but I’ll totally pick it up to try this out when you’re finished.

  6. EthanHero1

    thanks! I will tell ya when the first update is out. I can’t work on it this weekend. But on Monday I’ll work more. One thing. I need all the lines from the game, like the texts (ex. the fire is dead.) I can’t remember most of them. I have been managing it without a list
    but it is hard to read the texts while things are constantly happening. Do you have a list of the texts/phrases i can look at?
    My Progress:

  7. EthanHero1

    oops. my page froze up, i had to start a new comment.
    okay, i was talking about my progress.
    I have gotten to where the builder tells you that she can build traps and a cart. btw, I might have to make a different ending for it. (SPOILER for people who havent finished the game) I can’t make the spaceship astroid game in it, can you help me come up with an an alternate ending? Oh, yeah this morning before i had to stop, I added a button next to the builder so you can craft things.
    I have the week off next week so i can build a lot next week! I will need ideas. Hey, is there another way i can contact you (to send
    you a copy of the map once you get minecraft, it won’t be done but you can test it, and you can send me ideas)?. Mabye skype?
    I did credit doublespeak games at the beginning. Thx, you are awesome. oh, and at the beginning, when the builder collapses, I
    made sound effects…

  8. Levin

    I ♥ a dark room and gridland =)
    Thanks for your great work
    I hope that i can get also a beta Android App
    I know its a bit late but i would be very happy if i can geht acces to the app.



  9. Jason Fryckman

    ok, i see the game has been released as of now on the play store, (ver. 1.1) I bought this game on iphone a while ago, before it broke of course, and now i see you guys are finally uploading it to android i have to say a path well taken… as just a inspirational thing you guys inspired me to make a batch file game sorta like this (text based theme) and all my friends and family were fascinated i can’t wait to show them this 😉

    1. Michael Post author

      If you’re playing ADR on Android, I’m sorry to say that it’s not our app. We’re still working on an Android port, but the going is slow.

  10. Jason Fryckman

    Also i have a glitch on my phone, the app wont play upright only landscape and that is quite annoying, i have an alcetel onetouch fierce 2 and i would love if you could fix it in any way possible… not rushing or saying the games bad but i think you should look into that or is it meant to be that way because on iphone it played upright

    1. Michael Post author

      Sorry that you’re having trouble, but we’ve had nothing to do with the game that you’re playing. There are a lot of clones out there due to the open-source nature of the web version. I’d recommend getting in touch with the developer of the version that you’re playing.

  11. Samantha

    Not sure if you guys are still working on it or if you’d be interested in any testing or help with the Android version of the game. I’d be glad to see it be a thing that’s done and in the store! 😉

    Let me know~

    1. Michael Post author

      We are still working on it, I promise! I’ll put you on the list of potential future testers. Cheers!

  12. Matt

    I congratulate you and Amir on the Android release. I remember following this game on its initial release, and it’s awesome to see that it’s finally out on Android!


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