14 thoughts on “Super Gridland released!

  1. Koala404

    Hi there doublespeak. I’ve discovered a fairly fatal bug. the game only refreshed about one quarter of the icons when it either moved into night mode, or reset from a no-moves situation. I cannot recall which was the trigger, as the phone was ringing and I got distracted from being a better observer. This leaves me with a board which is largely blank of any moving pieces at all. I have the magic button active, and even if I change back to day, the board remains largely unpopulated. I have a screen shot if that would help.
    Still a great game and a steal at the price/intrigue point.

  2. Brett Taylor

    Had a bug where at night the board was recycling and I was about to die. I couldn’t hit the health potion button (because the board was recycling?) and died. The game started up again and only the bottom quarter of the board was present.

  3. rayyan

    wow it actually saved my level btw im level 20 and monsters are getting easier and easier add more monsters because my experience bar is too low to level up.

  4. rayyan

    and yet finally i saved up to 2.00$ and buy super gridland and it saved my data because of the same wifi connections. the tablet has a wifi connection and the computer has the same, so it saved my game,

    gold heart for these days because i have 8 or 9 of them also this game is 3D wish me luck

  5. rayyan

    and there are 2 bugs in this game, 1. why the monsters are not moving while i was moving, and not dealing damage.

    2. the block is actually not ready to be replaced by building.

  6. Mads

    I am playing the browser version of the original now, and I really like the pixel aesthetic.
    Beyond that the game mechanics are brilliant. Both a mix’match and civ-dev sorta thing with real-time action mixed with the thoughtful boardgame element of the tile-switchingstrategy. Bravo! Will be following your work in the future!


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