A Dark Room Android entering private beta

Update: Unfortunately, due to some technical issues, ADR Android has to be put on hold for the near future. Sorry, everyone!

Want to play A Dark Room on your Android device? Can’t wait for the official release?

You’re in luck! The first half of the game (up to, but not including, the Dusty Path) is nearly complete, and we’re in need of some testers to help us verify device compatibility. We’ve been developing with a Samsung Galaxy S4 (on Kit Kat) and a Kindle Fire HDX (on Jelly Bean), and we’re looking for folks with other devices who can provide testing and feedback.

You can sign up for the beta right here! We should start sending out beta invites within a a few days.

A Dark Room goes global!

Thanks to open-source contributers vanadar and lilj, ADR is now available in French and Chinese! The groundwork has also been laid for other translations in the future. Want ADR in your native tongue? I do too! Instructions can be found here.

A Dark Room on iOS

Thanks to a lot of hard work and more than a little creativity on the part of doublespeak collaborator, Amir Rajan, A Dark Room now has a home on iOS! It’s tighter, rewards more active engagement, and has a few secrets all its own.

You can find A Dark Room on the App Store, right here!